• April 18 12-3p Safety Sweep @Alger Cemetery
  • Apr 25 7p Block Club Mtg @the Nekvinda's
  • May 23 12-3p Safety Sweep @Alger Cemetery
  • May 30 7p Block Club Mtg @the Nekvinda's
  • June 20 12-3p Safety Sweep @Alger Cemetery
  • June 27 7p Block Club Mtg @the Nekvinda's
  • July 18 12-3p Safety Sweep @Alger Cemetery
  • July 25 7p Block Club Mtg @the Nekvinda's
  • July 25 9a-5p Annual Neighborhood Yard Sale
  • Aug 29 7p Block Club Mtg @the Scott's
  • Sept 19 12-3p Safety Sweep @Alger Cemetery
  • Sept 26 Block Club Mtg @the Scott's
  • Oct 17 12-3p Safety Sweep @Alger Cemetery
  • Oct 24 7p Block Club Mtg @the Nekvinda's
  • Oct 31 6-8p Halloween Traffic Ambassadors on Chatfield

Monday, November 10, 2008

Autumn Update

Good Neighbors Make Great Neighborhoods...are you a believer?

Hello Neighbors!
A few quick reminders:
Save the Date- Holiday Gathering
Gunning Recreation Center W.168 & Puritas Ave
Saturday, November 29, 3:30pm-5:30pm

Please come and spend a few minutes or an hour. BYOB - that's Bring Your Own Bathing Suit! We will. Pool and Gym will be available to us, and we will have a private meeting room to host our brief blockclub meeting, and eat our foods and drink our beverages! Pot Luck something together and bring a towel! Bring the kids! Get to know your neighborhood Rec! Meet the Rec Center Manager, Ed Santiago! Shoot some hoops!
I will probably be wearing a CHATFIELD BLOCK CLUB T SHIRT* or HAT* for the event, Please introduce yourself.

Kamm's Corners Farmers Market Fundraiser
Sorry about the late notice,... I didn't get it until yesterday! this event is an all you can eat and drink affair for $25 per person, during the Ohio State game. It helps a good cause!

Mayor's Update
From Tuesday, October 21, 6p-8p
Mayor Jackson answered questions and explained why things are done the way they're done. Mayor Jackson also had plenty of his Cabinet and Staff on hand to answer questions, gather information, and follow-up with neighbors.
Block Club Member Wayne Scott receives Community Service Award!
Thursday, October 23

Wayne Scott is committed to keeping his neighborhood safe and clean.
Wayne routinely walks the neighborhood and picks up trash, from his home to Kamm's Corners. He even picks up ALL of the cigarette butts in front of PJ McIntyre's, Public House, Westpark Station, Back Stage, Price's Pub, Common Grounds and Smedleys. He doesn't even smoke! He bought a gadget that picks up trash, he calls it his 'litter getter'.

Thanx volunteer Halloween Traffic Ambassadors!
WE received many thanx from neighbors [ and visitors ] for helping them cross Chatfield Avenue and W.161st, W.162nd and W.163rd Streets. Thanx again neighbors who volunteered. I have video and photos on the blog spot check it out!

Thanks to Mike and Wendy for putting together your Awesome Chatfield Castle! We noticed that you were working on it up to the last minute...can we help you get it up and together next year? many hands make the work go...faster?...smoother? something like that...any handy volunteers that can help Mike and family put it together next year? Count me in!

WPHS is having a special Then and Now Presentation
Monday, November 17th, 2008
at 7:30p.m. - 9:00 p.m. FREE
At Our Lady of Angels Church Auditorium
3644 Rocky River Drive, Cleveland
(Behind the Linus Hall Building)

The West Park Slide Show begins at 7: 30 PM
The premiere of our THEN-and-NOW slide show featuring dozens of recently discovered photos of West Park as it looked 50 to 75 years ago, with images of the same locations as they appear today. This is hosted by our own Ralph A. Pfingsten.
He is the author of the books
From Rockport to West Park &
The History of John Marshall High School
Refreshments will be served.

...Don't forget! West Park Historical Society's 2009 calendar is dedicated to Puritas Springs Park. Over 30 images, most never published before, appear in this edition. The 2007 and 2008 calendars are also available at a reduced price. These publications, featuring vintage West Park photos and interesting facts, make wonderful collectibles and gifts. To order, call (216) 476-8214, or e-mail:

Friday, July 18, 2008

Mayor Jackson at OLA for a community Q and A

Mark your calendars!

Q and A with Mayor Frank G. Jackson
T uesday, A ugust 12, 2008
6:00-8:00 pm
O ur L ady of A ngels
Linus Hall
3644 Rocky River Dr

All are WELCOME to attend
Parking is available

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mayor Jackson takes a walk with the Block Club

Many Thanks to all who joined the Chatfield Block Club for a leisurely walk through our neighborhood on Monday, July 7, 2008.

Our special guests were: Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, Community Relations Board Executive Director Blaine Griffin, Ward 21 Councilman Martin Keane, First District Police Commander Thomas McCartney, Director of the Department of Port Control Ricky Smith, Airport Community Relations Jacqueline Muhammad, George Baker of Ohio EPA, Kamm's Corners Development Corp.'s Neighborhood Real Estate planner Chris Frohing, and Al the driver.

Special thanks to Community Relations Board 1st district Representative Tammy Hanna and Chatfield Block Club Representative Veronica Darby-Nekvinda for coordinating the event.

See all the photos at right.....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Neighbors Make A Difference

BIG THANKS to all 39 of the Key Bank employees who volunteered to Safety Sweep Alger cemetery on NEIGHBORS MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY, May 20, 2008.
Special thanks to Karen White, Tom McGlynn and Sandy Glaser, who helped coordinate the event. Many of the volunteers currently live in our West Park neighborhood, or grew up here, and were willing to give their time in our neighborhood.
See you all next year!

BIG THANKS to West Park Historical Society

to all of the West Park Historical Society members who have helped our efforts to clean up Alger Cemetery. Special Thanks to Tom McGlynn, Dar McGeedy, Gary Siwilik, Ralph Phingsten, Elaine Staley, and Steve Lorenz for their concerted efforts.

Alger Cemetery Awareness Project

See the photos from our Safety Sweeps
on the right

Wednesday, March 12, 2008